Thursday, March 12, 2015

Giant DIY Clock

I saw this design when I was on Amazon one day and I thought to myself, I'm going to make a giant size version of this.

Well I did and it was no easy feat since the wall I wanted it on was up on my double vaulted ceilings. Thank goodness for my awesome husband and his precise measurement talent!

I bought the biggest clock hands I could find which were about 17 3/4". I also had my vinyl custom made so I could make a huge clock. Since this clock was going up so high, I didn't want to use glass frames. I pictured having an earthquake, it happens, I live in California, and the frames falling and breaking on people. Not a pretty site even in my mind. So I used photo mount spray adhesive and foam board. I attached the pictures on the foam board first then we let it dry. After drying, we used an exacto knife and cut the pictures out. Then I hot glued a "claw" picture mounting device on the backside.
This is a great idea when you want to fill a giant space on your wall. And you get to personalize it with pictures of the ones you love!

This is the coolest clock that I've made and I've made others.  My husband is in the movie industry and I made this clock out of an old movie reel.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mia's Sweet Shop Birthday Party

Mia has been thinking about her birthday party for about a year now.  She wanted to have lots of candy at her party, which is so surprising because Mia doesn't really like to eat alot of candy.  We came up with the "Sweet Shop" idea and everything came together after that.

 photo miainvite2013blog_zps36362382.jpg

I love planning with a theme, it really makes coming up with ideas pretty easy.  The first part was coming up with an invitation.  I'm pretty hooked on making up the invites myself in Photoshop and printing them off on 4X6 prints, which are about .20 each.  I haven't done the math, but I think that is a good price compared to having them printed off at other places.

 photo T87A6178blog_zpsb48333fb.jpg

I loved the color scheme that I found for the invitation and decided to use that with my other decorations.  I painted the board and then I cut some vinyl out for the sign and making everything else was a piece of cake!  Ha!  Get it? Ya, so cheesy I know.

 photo T87A6162blog_zps6ce8af9f.jpg

I bought some candy jars from the dollar store and used some small mason jars for the rest and some noodle containers.  I think I could have gone on forever buying candy, there is so much to choose from.

 photo miaparty_zpsd91fa329.jpg

 photo T87A6156blog_zps10b4f36d.jpg

I made each of the girls matching aprons.  It didn't take me as long as I thought and went pretty quickly.  They each looked so cute!  Then we made some cake balls.  Yes, I let them stir it with their hands. . .probably really gross but don't worry they washed them first.

 photo miasparty2_zps3b4850af.jpg

Next, we headed to Kara's Cupcakes which are SO GOOD!  I'm not much of a cake person but Kara's cupcakes are so light and not dense and taste like heaven!  They each got to choose their own gourmet cupcake.  It was so hard to choose, they all looked delicious!

 photo miaparty3_zps5398680f.jpg

We came back and did some "Sweet Bingo".  The girls each created their boards with the same pieces and could place them anywhere on their boards.  Each time the girl's won, they got to choose something from the "Sweet Shop" and put in their candy bags.  We did five in a row, diagonal, four corners and then finished with a blackout, where everyone won and was able to get a little bit of each of the candies.

 photo miaparty5_zpsa66375f5.jpg

Then my husband helped them make their own small personal pizza.  They were so cute! We squeezed nine candles on the cupcake and sang "Happy Birthday" to our Mia.

 photo miaparty6_zps8b1f8bd2.jpg

I will "note to self", that when doing a party that involves lots of candies and sweets, be prepared for hyper and crazy kids!  

 photo T87A6224_zps7d66e999.jpg

Yeah, they look all so sweet and innocent here, but I've seen what lots of candy can do. . .we spent the rest of the night detoxing!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fourth of July Cake

Every year I get to make a Fourth of July birthday cake for my littlest one because her and America share a birthday.  I really have fun coming up with something fun. This year, I was Pinterest inspired.

 photo T87A4925blog_zps0923662e.jpg

One of these years, she is going to get sick of red, white and blue and demand something else. . .

 photo zoeysbday_zpsbddb3e64.jpg

Until then. . .I will enjoy doing things that are predictable.  Oh and I made that shirt too!

 photo T87A4813blog_zps5209ac94.jpg

I love this girl so much!  She is my bright sunshine.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Best Compliment EVER!

I received this message recently and it made my day. . .

"Hey Valerie, You know, you take the photographs, and then you sort of wonder what happened to them. Well, last night, I was sitting in the living room and noticed the book of photos you put together for Kate and Jacob's wedding, which event occurred over four years ago. I had a couple of minutes, and for the first time since we received the book that long ago, I looked at the pictures. And because the event was so long ago, I could look at the photos from a different, more detached perspective. And I was enthralled. They were great pictures--even apart from the event. So many years after the event, thank you for taking the photographs at Kate's wedding. We hope to call you again in the not to distant future to take photographs at our son's and his thus far non-existent future spouse." 

 photo larsenwedding_zpsc30f5dd6.jpg

This was my very first wedding that I did and it kinda got me started in the business.  I'm so grateful for the people throughout the years who have taken a chance on me and given me an opportunity to improve my craft.  I know how important moments are and that they will never happen the same way again.  A photograph can capture those moments so you can have them forever.

Over the years, I have been blessed with more opportunities and I feel like I have come a long way in improving my skills as well as finding my own style.  If I had to pick one type of photography to do solely right now, it would be wedding photography.  There is nothing that gives me such excitement as seeing the faces of a newly married couple.  They shine.  They are beautiful.  I love being that fly on the wall and snapping candid shots until my hearts content.  

I hope to be doing wedding photography for a very long time. . .

 photo wedding_zps7c55a4eb.jpg

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Packer Family Sneak Peak

I was so lucky to have the Packers come and visit me. . .
   photo T87A3696blog_zps49abce4c.jpg photo packer1_zps49d8bcec.jpg  photo T87A3753blog_zpsd0666a36.jpg  photo T87A3668blog_zps17995dd5.jpg  photo T87A3614blog_zps0459ac4b.jpg I hope I get to see them again soon!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Davies Wedding

This is probably one of my most favorite weddings.  The sky was blue, the flowers were blooming, and the couple was adorable.

I think I could have taken pictures all day. . .

 photo T87A2549blog_zpsd85407ca.jpg

 photo lew_zpsa2009930.jpg

 photo T87A2528blog_zps6eb1a44d.jpg

 photo T87A2510blog_zpsb078f34b.jpg

 photo T87A2351blog_zps74aa9ffe.jpg

 photo lew2_zpsfc47f77b.jpg

 photo lew3_zps4b5539ae.jpg

 photo lew4_zps51e29b14.jpg

 photo lew5_zps6f8369a1.jpg

 photo lew6_zps4f8a200f.jpg

 photo lew7_zps01038044.jpg

 photo lew8_zpse72f5990.jpg

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Harper Sneak Peak

Meet Harper. . .

The perfect little baby. . .
 photo T87A1280blog_zps6964fad5.jpg

 photo T87A1251blog_zps4ceabf7e.jpg

 photo harper2_zps50d970e3.jpg

 photo harper1_zpsaa504692.jpg

 photo T87A1491blog_zps8b1864b3.jpg

 photo harper3_zps4cd0f5df.jpg

 photo T87A1342blog_zpsb49e4d60.jpg

 photo harper4_zps0423fc4a.jpg