Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mt. Diablo

Went on an "adventure" to Mt. Diablo. While watching Pippie Longstocking and all of her adventures, "M" told her Dad that she never goes on any adventures. I thought we went on plenty of adventures, but not according to "M". Last year was "Year of Discoveries" where we ventured out to new places. This year, we have dubbed it, "Year of the Adventurer". I'd like to go on more hikes and trails with the fam and the area that we moved to has plenty of them. I'm just getting into the habit of calling our fun outings "adventures".

Mountains in California look like babies compared to ones that we are used to in Utah. Mount Diablo has an elevation of 3,864 but that's nothing compared to Mount Timpanogos' elevation of 11,749 feet.

I found this beautiful moss colored rock. The orange looks great with the green grass don't you think?


Sometimes I think, why do I buy the kids toys when they are perfectly happy with rocks and empty boxes? "X" could spend the day throwing rocks into the lake and feel like it was a day well spent.

And it would all be FREEEEEEEEE!

I like that word.


Here's Mr. Grump. He's been a little grumpy man lately. Love the terrible threes!

Sadly, "M" missed out on this adventure because she was sick, but we had to bring her back something.


Mt. Diablo had tons of snow to play in and so we transported some via car. Just enough for a tiny snowman for "M".


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