Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Using Children's Books

Some people you meet during your life leave a lasting impression on you. I used to teach first grade and had a co-worker who was the "Super Teacher". Not only did she do super projects with her kids, she shared them with her teammates. One thing that she did alot of was making books. If she was teaching candy corn math, she would make a little booklet. Teaching the water cycle, another book. She also used Children's Books to pattern children made books after.

Because of this woman's influence, I now make books with my kids. The other day, I read this book to my kids.

I sometimes find it entertaining for me (chuckle, chuckle) to teach about things in the winter; snowmen, mittens, animals migrating, penguins etc. Living in California, we don't really have a winter and my littlest one barely remembers what snow is. I think he has played in it once while visiting family in Utah.

Anyways, I still love teaching these themes even if we don't have any snow to play in or mittens that we wear. Back to my idea.

I read the book and then came up with a book that Xander could make.

The book was about a little girl who lost her mitten and imagines all sorts of places of where her mitten could be.

So I made "X" a book about his lost red mitten.

I love all the places he thought of.

I especially love the last page where he finds his mitten on a whale!

So read one of your favorite books and create a one and only book that your child can make! Thanks to a very special lady for this idea!

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