Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Where we live there are tons of these trees littered across the rolling hills. In some places, I've noticed there will be only one tree like this one standing strong.

Growing strong.

All living things grow physically. I've been the same height as I was in 7th grade. I've just grown wider (giggle, giggle) since then.

Lately, I've felt like I am growing up on the inside.

Is 32 when you start to become wiser?

I'm working on being a better friend. Today a friend called me to rescue her. Her car had died. I was so excited to help someone. I was equally excited to use my cables to jump start her car.

There is so much joy in helping others. I've always known that. In the past year, in hopes of trying to find happiness, I decided to be friends with whom I wanted to be friends with. Helping those whom I wanted to help. I thought protecting myself from being taken advantage of or getting hurt would make me happy, but I never really felt complete.

So, I'm ready to put myself out there. Ready to be a friend to everyone. Ready to soften my heart.

Growing. Growing. Growing.

I chuckle to myself as I am typing this. Wouldn't you think I could figure out how to be a good friend by now? I am out of highschool, you know.

Life's about learning and how to be the best you. I'm still learning.

I'm working on being a better mother. Have you had a child where you have to constantly remind them to do everything and I mean everything?

Brush your teeth, comb your hair, pick up your things, do your homework, yada, yada, yada, the list could go on.

It's literally exhausting.

I feel like I have to do that with my 10 year old and I think, "She's 10, can't she remember to do it on her own?" I finally told her one day that I wasn't going to remind her to do everything, that she was going to have to be responsible.

Let me tell you how hard that was. To just watch. Watch her make mistakes and not do anything.

I did find out the gray area in this situation. Yay me!

The other day, my daugther was forgetting to do something and I was just biting my lip, trying not to remind her what to do. I decided I would ask, "Did you do everything that you needed to today?"

She thought for a second and jumped up, "Oh wait!" and went right to what she needed to do.

After she accomplished her task, I praised her up the wazoo and asked her how it felt to remember that all on her own.

She said beaming, "It felt good."

That was a great Mom moment for me.

Growing. Growing. Growing.

I didn't feel like a horrible Mom for being on top of her reminding her every little thing to do. And, I didn't get mad at her for not remembering what to do. The best part was how proud she felt.

It was a "win win" situation.

I like this blog. I like writing what's on my mind.

Thank you blog for being there.


  1. I'm lots older than you and I am still learning. It's exhausting. I was hoping I could just rest on my laurels someday but I seem to be a slow learner. Good job "Growing"

  2. That looks like Ansel Adams' photography! You are very talented:) Beautiful...

  3. Okay, I had totally forgotten about this blog until you mentioned it on your other one - AMAZING! You are a wonder mom, I can not BELIEVE how creative you are. Will be following from now on!!