Sunday, February 21, 2010

Letter Recognition

This is for Debra and for anyone else looking for letter recognition ideas. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope this helps!


A great place to start is with your students' own names! Help them learn to recognize the letters in their own name first. Start with the first letter of their name. You can make these easy name bags.

Find the first letter of their name in magazines and newspapers.

How about making the letters out of pipe cleaner?

One of the first things that I do, is use alphabet cards and as I point to the letter and picture I say, "A, a, apple" then "B, b, bear" and "C,c,cat". We do this on a daily basis. I start doing it in order and then when they get really good, I mix the letters up.

This Alphabet chart was hanging up in my classroom. I used it during our morning routine. I did the same thing. We'd chant "A,a, apple" "B,b, bear" and so on. My helper would point to the letters and picture as we would say them in order, and then, I would let them pick some letters out of order.

I think any way you can incorporate different concepts into your routine, makes for the best use of time. Take for instance, the morning message. I loved writing a morning message to my kids. I was able to teach so many things from chunks and beginning sounds, to sentence structure all within a few minutes.

Say, it's Orange day and you have just gone over choral reading the message with your kids. Have someone come up and find the letter "O" and then they can pass the marker on to another student.


Reading alphabet books is another great way to teach letter recognition. Go here for a list of some books. Have a section in your reading corner with alphabet books.

Maybe have your students use magnifying glasses and be a letter detective.


A great way to reinforce concepts are to put them in your centers. Put some letter recognition activities into your centers. What a great way for letter exploration to happen. Maybe you'll have magnetic letters, alphabet stamps or an alphabet puzzle.

Gone Fishing?

What about these cute fish that I made out of foam? It's great because I can use these to teach other concepts by just paper clipping other things to them.

All you will need is a fishing pole that you can get at the dollar store and these fish. You can have a deck of the letters of the alphabet that the kids will draw from. They pick a letter, say it and then try to fish for it.

Letter Sorts

In this center, I typed up the alphabet in all sorts of fonts and then printed it off on a piece of cardstock, laminated it, and cut the letters out individually. Have the kids sort them by letter. Kids will start to recognize the letters in different fonts.

Letter Hunt

What about hiding letters around the room and having them find them or find the letter of the day. It's always good to start one letter at a time.

Go here for some other ideas I have posted.

Hope these ideas help!

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