Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Up" Tie Cake

I had mentioned that I had given up on the idea of making Ben a tie because I couldn't find the fabric that I wanted. Remember he wanted a tie with personality? Something Pixar-ish? Still hooked on the tie idea, I came up with this one.


I had SO much fun making the fondant. I have to admit, it was hard work. The whole time I'm making it, I kept thinking about "Challenge" on the Food Network. My favorite is the "Cake Challenge". It just amazes me. And now that I have tried a little bit of what they do, I am in awe at what they create in just 8 hours. I think it took me 8 hours to make this one!

Thanks to my friend Kori who shared the recipe. Let me tell you how professional I felt. I found this to make a dense cake because I didn't want the cake to crumble. It was pretty cool because I just used a cake mix and added things to make it more dense. I also made buttercream icing which is a necessity when using fondant.

For the lettering, I just found it on the internet, cut it out and used it as a tracer. By the way, the only thing not edible is the house. I was trying to make it, but it was so late and I was so tired that I just put the paper one there in the end.


Things to watch out for:
When trimming the fondant, watch how close you are to the cake. There are a couple of spots that I cut it too close.

Watch your nails, they can make prints in the fondant. I think next time, I will trim my nails, just to be safe.

Will I try this again?

Most definitely.


  1. Val! I just figured out you had this blog! I just spent 30 minutes reading it all the way from the beginning. It's as good as poppies, ton's of cool ideas. You Rock!