Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Bean Activity-Kids Project

My week has flown by! Seriously, I can't believe it's Thursday already. My week has been crazy. Like right now, I'm trying to blog while my kids have surrounded me and are demanding my attention.

They outnumber me.

I told them it will only take me 10 minutes, so let's stop the chattering and get on with the show already!


On and Off Worksheet


How to Play:
1. Determine the number of beans you would like to work with. We chose 6. Write that number on the top.
2. Shake, shake, shake those beans! Have your child drop them on the worksheet, which I like to cut in strips.

3. Write down the numbers of the beans that land ON the sheet under the "on" column and the ones that are OFF under the "off" column.
*What if some of the beans are half way on? I just say that anything that is touching the paper is considered "on".
When you are done, you will have lots of number combinations of that number. You may not have hit all the number combinations, you may get alot of the same. You can discuss and ask, "What combinations did we miss?"Want to extend it? Have them write out the problems on the bottom of the worksheet.
There you go! I think my 10 minutes are up! Have a great day!

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