Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chalkboard Fun


I can't believe these chalkboards are almost 10 years old! I made these for math bags that I sent home when I taught school. I saved these and they have been well loved over the years, can't ya tell?

Lately, while browsing online, I've seen chalkboards used just about everywhere in the home. I began craving one and decided to join the party. I put one in my kitchen for the kids to use as they please. Man, I'm an awesome mom!



I placed the molding up that would frame the chalkboard and traced the inside of it.


After tracing the inside, I gave myself about an inch more when I taped it off. I also taped some scrap paper around the work space.


I don't know if this was the best way to go about it. When using the spray, you need air to ventilate through the area. I was spraying directly on the cupboard, but if I had a thin piece of wood, I could have done it in the garage (a much better place). I also pinned a sheet up, almost like a tent so I wouldn't spray everywhere in the kitchen.



I love it! Chalkboard spray rocks! Thanks to my husband who actually did the spraying because my lungs couldn't handle it.

Did you know there is magnetic chalkboard spray and white board spray? OOoooooo so much fun!

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  1. Great idea Val! I love that it's low enough for little hands to actually reach! Congrats on your basketball stand find!! I LOVED having a place to shoot baskets growing up. I would spend hours outside by myself doing just that. I can see Jesse doing that if we had one. It looks like you have a perfect yard for it! I think Craig's list must have many lovers. What a player.