Monday, April 19, 2010

Race to a Dollar-Kids Project


We've been playing games around here lately. This game is a great one. It teaches coin recognition, the coin values, and money counting.

There are three columns on the board. In the first, there are ten pennies, the second has ten dimes and the third has a dollar.

1. Player rolls the dice. The amount on the dice is how many pennies you get.
2. The player will then place the pennies on their board (if there are extras that don't fit, just set them aside)
3. Once the player gets 10 pennies, they can trade it in for a dime. I usually make someone the banker and they trade the money in.
4. The object of the game is to get 10 dimes to trade in for a dollar.

by Kathy Wilkins

You can make this easily just on a piece of paper if you want. The concept is the same. The player rolls the dice and exchanges the pennies he gets for nickels, dimes, quarters, and then a dollar!

Here are some other variations that I found online of some race to a dollar games:

Race to a 1.00

Video of Race to a Dollar

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