Friday, May 21, 2010

Coffee Filter Butterflies-Kids Projects

We studied insects this week and read "A Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. I am a huge Eric Carle fan!

We made some butterfly mobiles and here is how we did it:

Coffee filters (the flat kind)
Watercolor paints
Paint brushes

How to begin:

1. Tear open the sides of the filter. After the first one, I got smart and just cut the edges so you don't get the frays.
2. Soak them in water and wring it out a little. You want it to be wet.
3. Lay them out on newspaper.
4. Now it's time to paint. I didn't have watercolor paints, so I just watered down some acrylic paint. Basically, you want the paint really wet because when you paint on the damp filter, the paint will bleed and spread out.
*You can discuss how butterflies are symmetrical and whatever you do to one side, you need to do to the other.
5. After painting, I let it dry a little.
6. Then, when still damp, I grab the edges and attach a pipe cleaner.

7. Set the butterfly back down on the newspaper, paying attention to how it lays, because that is how it will dry.
8. Once dried, I attach it to a string.
9. Then attach it to anything you want. I used a paper cup.
You'll have to do more than one, they are too fun to make!


  1. Very cute! I found your blog through your SIL @ Poppies At Play...I really like the Preschool ideas. I've been trying to start my own little preschool at home with my kids. Would love any extra ideas you have! What a gorgeous family you have!! And you live in Northern Cali? I saw a pic of what looked like the Oakland Temple? We live in Southern Cali...although I ABSOLUTELY love it up North. ;) (don't tell my