Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dry Erase Desk

My oldest daughter loves using a whiteboard while doing her homework. When I found this desk on Craigslist, for FREEEEEE, I had a great idea. I wanted to make the top of her desk a whiteboard. Of course, when I told her, she was elated!

I bought some shower board from Homedepot. It was around 11.00 I want to say. The board is huge! Anyways, we cut it down and I used gorilla glue to attach it.


I also had a great idea of using a can to make a whiteboard marker holder and eraser. I used fabric that I had left over from making the curtains. I also used some foam for the eraser on the bottom.


I'm not completely satisfied on the outcome. I was hoping for a different look. But, I think it turned out okay.

The concept on the otherhand, I think is awesome. I love the idea of having a place to put the markers and it also being the same place where the eraser is.


You just write, erase, and then. . . start all over again!


I'm getting closer and closer to finishing my daughters' room. Still on the lookout for matching bedding, desk lamp, and little accessories for the shelf, which I finally finished this week!

Yay! Almost there.

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  1. WOW what a great idea! I have someone at my house that would LOVE that!
    I would love to send you the bread recipe, it would be easiest in an email as an attachment, you can email me from my profile, just below it says email. if your not comfortable with that, let me know and I'll put it here, it will just be LONG :)