Thursday, May 13, 2010

Making Mud-Kids Project

I have loved doing preschool for "X". He looks forward to it and I love doing it for him. It also forces me to be more organized and I like that. Today was plant day. We planted some things in the garden, did some plant art, made sprout houses, sang a song, and made some mud.

MMMMMMmmmm Mud!

gummy worms
chocolate pudding (I just used the snack cups, but you can make your own)
crushed graham crackers
M&M's or whatever you want to use for the seeds.

Mix some crushed graham crackers into the pudding to make the soil.

Make little holes and put the "seeds" in them.

Next, place the worms on top.

And there you have it. . .edible mud!

Here's the song we learned:
Green Plants (sung to "Row, Row, Row your Boat")
Grow, grow, grow your plants
Grow with lots of care.
Carefully, carefully place your plants
Where they will get air.

Grow, grow, grow your plants,
Growing can be fun!
Carefully, Carefully place your plants where they will get sun.

Grow, grow, grow your plants
Never let them spoil.
Carefully, Carefully place your plants
In a healthy soil.

Grow, grow, grow your plants
One more thing to do:
Carefully, carefully give your plants
Lots of water, too!


  1. So, do you do this JUST with Xander or do you have a little group of kids?

  2. I tried to get other kids to do it like I did with Mia but only got one other little girl which is working out just great! I would have liked to have gotten at least a couple more, but it's been great planning it all out and doing something like this for him.