Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sentence Activity-Kids Project

This is an activity that is fun and at the same time teaches a concept. Those are my favorite kind of activities!

First, you will need these. These are the sentence cards. You can use mine, or make your own! I printed mine on card stock and then laminated them.

Each square has a part of a sentence. You need to make them so they can be interchangeable.
For example, the sentences that can be made with the green cards are:
1. The girl draws yummy pancakes.
2. One boy makes delicious cookies.
3. The teacher eats tasty pizzas.

There are even more possible sentences! Those are just a few.

Second, your child lays the cards out in order.
You will also need this record sheet.
Then, your child creates sentences.
You know what level they are on. You can make sure they put capitals and punctuation in their sentences and that they form their letters correctly.


Make your own! Make it funny!

Make your sentences funny! If you look on the yellow cards, I had my name, the principals name and the custodians. You could make cards that have members of family or friends. You could also make the cards funny like, "Mrs. Porter eats giant snails" or "Sammy is a green whale".

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  1. Hey Val, thanks for your comment on my blog, and I have to say back at ya. You, my friend, are one amazingly funny woman. Aaahhhh, to bad we don't live in So Cal, close to civilization and an animation studio. I love seeing all your updates on both blogs. You amaze me with your creativity! Love ya.