Monday, September 20, 2010

For Sydney


This is my first project that I have made completely by myself. I want to learn how to use all of the tools so I can make whatever I want, whenever I want. Ben has been great at teaching me but a little cautious at letting me do it without his supervision. I think he's afraid I may cut some fingers off! I am too and so I am extra careful. I like my fingers.

This is a baby gift inspired by my sister in law's creations. I'm in the process of painting Xander and Mia's room and will be making one of these for them. I've got some fun ideas for theirs.

I'm also planning on making a shelf all by myself in the near future. I think Ben likes the idea that I like using tools. That means, no arguments when he wants to buy more!


  1. Valerie, why must you be so dang crafty?? ;) This is TOTALLY adorable. Good work! I did Mod Podge the other week with the YW at an activity. I thought of you as I was doing it. I taught the girls how to Mod Podge a notebook, and I had never done it myself--I was a Mod Podge Virgin. Dare I say I can see how one can get addicted to Mod Podging, it was fun.

  2. AAAHHH!!! This is exactly what I said out loud when I saw this. I have never seen anything cuter in my life. The universe even...

  3. Val! It looks so dang cute!! Don't you love how it feels to make something all by yourself!! It's pretty awesome.