Friday, September 3, 2010

Piggy Bank Money Counting Game-Kids Project

1. Get the piggy bank clipart here and make your piggy bank boards by printing out on pink cardstock.

2. Dice (dotted, numbered or homemade)

3. Play coin money or real

Concepts taught:
Money recognition
Skip Counting

How to play:
1. Beforehand, decide which dice and which coin you will use. I like to use the dotted dice with young children. The number word dice is great for the 1st grader and on. Choose a nickel when you want to do skip counting by 5 or choose a dime when you want to do by 10 and so on.

2. Each child takes turn rolling the dice. The amount on the dice is how many they get of that coin. On my homemade die, I put a dot that when rolled, you must take one coin away. With the other dice, you could choose a number for that round that if rolled, that is how many is taken away.

3. Choose how many turns. Maybe after 10 turns, stop and count. This game could be neverending!

4. When the game has ended, it is time to count the coins. Have the children practice skip counting, if applicable or practice grouping. If counting pennies, your child could group by tens and then count.

5. The winner, if you choose to have one, is the one with the most money!

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