Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glue Ghosts-Kids Project


I was looking for a simple craft for my 3 year old and came across this. What kid doesn't like to play in glue?

1. You need to get a a piece of wax paper.
2. Using the glue make a ghost shape. Go ahead kids and glob it! The more the merrier. Actually, the more, the longer it takes to dry. We'll talk about that later!
3. Add embellishments: eyes, buttons, beads, felt cut out shapes.
*I found these in my stash of craft things. They are glow in the dark party table decorations that someone gave me. I sprinkled some on the ghost, just for an experiment.
4. Let your ghost dry overnight, or in my case a little longer. I tried to peel it off the wax paper today and it was still a little wet because "X" (that's my little man) put globs of glue.
Here's the finished product and yes, it glows!
Here are some other sites that I liked:

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