Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Activities

This is an entry from my previous blog, I thought I would post some entries here and there.

Here are some fun Halloween Activities to do with your kids!

Materials: bat tracer, white crayon, hole punch, 1 9X12 black construction piece, string, scissors

1. Using the bat tracer, fold the piece of construction paper hamburger style and trace on the fold.
Get the bat tracer here.

2. Cut out the bat. The tricky part is by the ears of the bat. You must cut around the top of the ears around the curve.

3. Next position the bat like this:

4. Stick the head into the whole, all the way through until you get to the tail.

5. Holding the wings together you can punch a hole through both of the wings.
You can take string or fishing wire (which I prefer) because it looks like the bat is hanging all by itself.


Materials: Ghost body sheet, Ghost tail sheet, scissors, glue, crayons

1. Create a scary face on the ghost body sheet. Cut out.

2. Cut the tail out, and continue cutting along the spiral for a curly ghost tail.

3. Next, glue the tail to the body and wha-la! You have a scary ghost.



If you have ever heard of "Don't eat Pete", this game is basically the same idea.

Materials: Don't Eat my Halloween board (easily made with stickers. I covered mine with contact paper), candy

1. Place a piece of candy on each sticker.
2. Send one child out of the room and as a group secretly pick one to be "it". For example, everyone chooses the ghost.
3. Tell the child to come back into the room and he or she can begin taking the candy off of the board, until he or she gets to the "one" the group picked, the ghost in this example and everyone yells, "Don't eat my Halloween!" The child's turn ends and it is someone else's turn.

*This is a great game. You can make boards for all holidays: turkeys for Thanksgiving, "Don't eat my Turkey", Hearts for Valentines, "Don't eat my Valentine" etc. Just make sure you pick pictures that are different from each other.

Halloween Patterns

If you have halloween stamps (Oriental Trading has great ones), or Halloween pictures, you can have your child make patterns.

Make your own stamp:

1. Use scrap pieces of wood, cut into squares.

2. You can get some sheets of foam and cut out your own shapes, or use the foam stickers.

I think traditional activities are still crowd pleasers. Halloween Bingo, bobbing for apples, decorating cookies, decorating and carving pumpkins. Hope you have a great Halloween!

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