Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Indian Crafts-Kids Project

Indian Neckless
Dyed Noodles
Potatoes cut in chunks

1. Bead noodles onto string in a pattern. You can easily dye the noodles using food dye and rubbing alcohol. Then lay out on a surface to dry.
2. Use potatoe chunks and incorporate into the pattern.3. Hang to dry for a day or two. The potatoes will harden.
4. Use a hot glue gun and glue some feathers inside one of the noodles.
Thanks to my colleague while teaching, Kathy Wilkins for this idea.

Indian Headband
Brown construction paper cut into a strip long enough to fit around your child.
Various colors of contruction paper for feathers
Paper Shapes

1. On the brown construction piece, have your child make a pattern using the shapes.
2. Cut out feathers on the various colors of contruction paper, using the scissors to feather the edges by making several cuts along the edges. Glue to the brown construction piece.

3. Measure on your child, then staple together.

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  1. So wait- how do you dye the noodles? I totally want to do this with Macy! We are doing a letter a week and this week is "I" so that would be perfect! Though, should I be teaching her Native Americans and not Indians? I can never remember if Indians are bad? Your crafts are so awesome! Thanks Val!