Friday, January 28, 2011

One Thing at a Time


Sometimes, depending on my mood, I avoid browsing other peoples' blogs. In my eyes, everything that "they" do is wonderful, over the top and completely fabulous. I get so overwhelmed at what everyone can do and think about all the things that I don't do. Feelings like that lead me to a pity fest where I am the only guest and there is lots of dessert!

Why can't I be fabulous at EVERY SINGLE THING???????

Why do I feel like I have to be fabulous at EVERY SINGLE THING??????

I think that it is impossible for any ONE person to be great at EVERY single thing.

For one thing, it is the high expectations that I set for myself. I expect myself to be able to do so many things and not to just do them, but to be GREAT at doing them.

And another thing, when I am looking at someone else's work, I am not looking with the right eyes. I see what I want to see and that is their strengths. I end up comparing their strengths to my weaknesses. Not a fair comparison.

When I moved to California, almost 4 years ago, I was in a little depression. I told my husband that I wanted to learn how to do something and be really good at it. I felt like I did many things but when it came down to it, I didn't feel like I was particularly "great" at anything. If someone were to ask me what my talents were, I would have had a hard time answering them.

Photography was something that was on my list of things I had interest in. I was immediately hooked and I wanted to practice and learn all that I could. It was my primary focus and in the end, I got pretty good at it.

I believe that you can LEARN how to do ANYTHING and if you focus and practice, you can become really good at what you do. There are so many resources available online where you can teach yourself how to do anything.

I also think that you must have an interest.

For example, a few years ago, I thought teaching myself the guitar would be a fun thing to do. I was interested at first, but then stopped not long into it because the interest had faded. I didn't have the desire to continue.

Interest equals continued desire and motivation.

How about trying ONE THING?

I think that is how I became good at photography. It was one thing I was trying to get better at. I wasn't, at the same time trying to become great at everything else.

Does that mean you should only do ONE THING?

No. But don't expect yourself to be great at EVERYTHING.

I love doing all sorts of things: crafts, crocheting, cooking, playing sports etc. but I shouldn't expect myself to be an expert in all those areas.

What about doing ONE THING AT A TIME?

Take your interests and give them the time and focusing that they need to be developed into something more and then try something else. That way, you can continue progress in one area while branching out to another.

I am definitely not an expert on this subject but am trying to be better. Sometimes, these epiphanies come and I want to write down, so I don't forget them and can be reminded.

P.S. I couldn't post this until I had a picture. How lame is that?


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL picture. Funny thing is, if you asked anyone else who knows you well what your talents are we'd all be able to come up with a million things you're really good at!

  2. Hey, I completely relate, only it's usually your blog that makes me feel lame. You are the goddess of just about everything. Hope you know that!

  3. Love you Abby! Kendra, you are my hero. I think you are amazing!

  4. Wow, I'm late. I've been too depressed to read blogs lately. One important thing to remember Val, even if you can't do one thing good, or have no talents (all of which you have tons of) you would still be a great worthwhile person. Love you to bits.