Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Val Day Sign

I designed this sign, just to be funny. Thanks to Poppies at Play for doing the vinyl! Since my name is Val, I have told my kids every year that Valentine's day is MY day. Back in my single years, I told people they could call me "Val your Pal." I even had a roommate one time, give me a Valentine with Barbies on it that said, "We're Val Pals."

Just to be goofy, Val-Day became my day.

The thought occurred to me recently. What if my kids come back to me when they are older and tell me that when they were little, they thought Valentine's Day was just for THEIR mom, only to find out later in life, that Valentine's Day was for everyone?!

How selfish am I?

This sign marks a new era in my life. I shall share this day with EVERYONE starting. . .next year!

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