Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Monthly Favorite Book Shelf

This is how I used to organize my Monthly Favorite books. It was great to have them all in one place but I found that the kids didn't look at all of the books. It was hard to see what books I had when they are on top of each other.

Poppies at Play made this spectacular bookshelf:

and of course, I had to make one for myself.

What a perfect way to showcase my monthly books, and boy do I have books!



This month, I put in some Easter books along with some Insect books. My kids are facinated with bugs. I'll find them outside collecting them and Mia has been doing reports on them.

Sometimes, I think someone should tie me down when my kids bring home a Scholastic Book Order. I can't help but order more books.

Can one have too many books?

I think, not.

I think I am obsessed with Children's books.


  1. Ha! I think it must be a teacher thing!! I have WAY too many children's books- and those are just the ones that belong to me! I use-to read them all the time to my grumpy teenage boy students- I love seeing that little smile they hide right away when they remember reading one of them as a kid...I can't WAIT to get book orders from Macy's school someday!! I have a feeling I will be one of those embarrassing parents...=)

  2. That looks so fantastic!! I love how long it is! Your chalkboard vase is awesome too! I would never have thought to use chalkboard paint on glass, so cool!