Friday, May 27, 2011

Ruffled Camera Slipcover

I was talking to a friend about making a slip cover for our camera straps and got in the mood to try making one. Kevin and Amanda have a great tutorial on how to make one.


This took me probably way too long to make and is definitely not as precise as the one that was made on Kevin and Amanda.

I don't know what it is about me and sewing. I try so hard to make my measurements precise and yet, something still goes wrong and is uneven in the end. Luckily, the ruffles don't have to be perfect.

Do I dare share the next close up??


The directions say to sew the ruffles on and then take out the basting stitch,oh which, by the way, I had to research what basting stitch was. After sewing clear down the middle, I could not take that basting stitch out.

Am I sewing retarded??

Oh whatever! Good thing I don't care about the things I sew being perfect or precise or nice or like something I could give away as a gift. . .what does that say about me?


Well it's perfect for me.

I'm excited to take another stab at it with my friend. It's always nice to have two cameras!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fabric Hand Wall Hanging

Ben brought home a bunch of empty picture frames that they were getting rid of at work. I thought it would be neat to making a wall hanging with all of my family's hands. This isn't complete yet. I just put it in the frame so I could see it.


I'm debating on how I should finish it.

Should I just stitch in everyone's name?


Should I stitch our last name in the middle?


Should I stitch the word, "love"?


Should I stitch the word, "family"?


I don't know, what do you think?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Vines/Sharapata Family Sneak Peak

Wonderful family?





Crazy and fun kids?




Happy parents?




Thanks for such a fun time!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glass Tile Charms


What you need:
*Glass tiles
Diamond Glaze
1X1 grid (if doing multiples)

*These were ordered from:

Let's begin!

1. I resized all my pictures to 150X150 pixels. If you are doing multiples, you can use this grid. It's easy to pop them on like this:


2. You want to print them on heavy paper. I sent mine to Staples and had it printed on 28lb paper. If your paper is too thin, it may tear and rip when putting the glaze on or even the bail at the end.


3. Cut your pictures out.

4. Using the diamond glaze, glue the picture onto the tile. Make sure you smooth down the corners with glaze.

5. Let it dry.

6. Using your E6000, glue on the bail to the back of the glass tile.


7. Once again, let it dry.

8. When it is dry, you can put it on a chain or make yourself a charm bracelet.



Makes a great gift for a Mother or Grandmother. In fact, we did these in Primary for Mother's Day and received so many compliments.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inventive Spelling

Inventive spelling is using letters to convey ideas or tell a story. Can you tell what Mia wrote? It's the word, "park". Mia has been writing alot lately and so I thought I would share some ideas for encouraging writing in preschool kids. She is understanding that letters make sounds and that if we put the letters together they can make words.


You will see kids "scribble" to represent words or to tell a story. I consider this writing especially when your child or student can tell you what the picture is about.

NEXT. . .

You will see pictures that tell a story. Your child may make a picture book and be able to tell you a story. By the way, this is me. Look how beautiful Mia made me look and of course, I have a crown on my head because I am a princess.

THEN. . .

You may see your child or student draw a picture and write down letters along with it.


1. First of all, have writing materials available for your child to use. I have markers, colored pencils, pens, pencils, and crayons etc. Note binders, address books, recipe lists, sticky notes, little pads of paper, chalkboards and white boards are great for the kids.

2. Don't be concerned with spelling the words correctly. That will come later. Let them write without the interrupted, "How do you spell. . .?" I always tell my kids, to write down the sounds that they hear. Some kids get so frustrated if they don't spell something perfectly. I think that frustration can ruin the flow of writing and thoughts.

3. Give your student or child plenty of opportunities to write.

Have them:
Write the shopping list
Make a card for someone's birthday
Make lists (of all the family members, favorite toys, favorite foods)
Make lots of books (I just staple 5 pieces of computer paper together with 3 staples and they can create away)
Watch this 1:16 minute video to see how to make a 16 page book out of one piece of paper.

The ideas are endless. . .

*Make sure your child sees you writing and that you also model to them how to write. Show them that you write from left to right, that you use finger spaces in between words.

Here is a book that I love and is a great guide to teaching your child to write.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chalkboard Painted Utensil Holder

I'm convinced you can put chalkboard paint on anything. I've been staring at this vase that I decided I was going to use to put my cooking utensils in for weeks.

Everytime I would look at it, I would think, "It needs just a lil' something more".

So I got the chalkboard paint out.

Hello, friend!


Then I taped off the section that I was going to paint. I also put newspaper around the area that I didn't want painted. I can be pretty messy.


I like it.