Monday, May 16, 2011

Inventive Spelling

Inventive spelling is using letters to convey ideas or tell a story. Can you tell what Mia wrote? It's the word, "park". Mia has been writing alot lately and so I thought I would share some ideas for encouraging writing in preschool kids. She is understanding that letters make sounds and that if we put the letters together they can make words.


You will see kids "scribble" to represent words or to tell a story. I consider this writing especially when your child or student can tell you what the picture is about.

NEXT. . .

You will see pictures that tell a story. Your child may make a picture book and be able to tell you a story. By the way, this is me. Look how beautiful Mia made me look and of course, I have a crown on my head because I am a princess.

THEN. . .

You may see your child or student draw a picture and write down letters along with it.


1. First of all, have writing materials available for your child to use. I have markers, colored pencils, pens, pencils, and crayons etc. Note binders, address books, recipe lists, sticky notes, little pads of paper, chalkboards and white boards are great for the kids.

2. Don't be concerned with spelling the words correctly. That will come later. Let them write without the interrupted, "How do you spell. . .?" I always tell my kids, to write down the sounds that they hear. Some kids get so frustrated if they don't spell something perfectly. I think that frustration can ruin the flow of writing and thoughts.

3. Give your student or child plenty of opportunities to write.

Have them:
Write the shopping list
Make a card for someone's birthday
Make lists (of all the family members, favorite toys, favorite foods)
Make lots of books (I just staple 5 pieces of computer paper together with 3 staples and they can create away)
Watch this 1:16 minute video to see how to make a 16 page book out of one piece of paper.

The ideas are endless. . .

*Make sure your child sees you writing and that you also model to them how to write. Show them that you write from left to right, that you use finger spaces in between words.

Here is a book that I love and is a great guide to teaching your child to write.

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