Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July Framed Stitchery

I wanted to make some decorations for the 4th of July but was definitely pushing it with time.

At Joann's, I always look at the seasonal decorations and for each season, they are selling framed stitched sayings. And each time, I always pass it up thinking, "Oh I can do that!" but then never do it. This time, I actually did it!

Yay me!
(Don't you think we each deserve a cheer for ourselves every now and then?)

Instead of free handing it, I printed out some sayings onto paper.

I then used a light box and a washable pen to trace onto the fabric.


I chuckled to myself when I printed out the "Born in the USA" saying because I am the only one in the family who wasn't born in the USA. I am an American citizen, though, so that counts!


Happy Fourth of July!


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