Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It all begins with your name. . .

Who is the one person that kids think of the most?


It's all about them and why not take advantage of this time in their lives? Use their "All about Me" stage to teach them how to read and write.

Let's start where it all begins. . .

with their name!

Xander just started kindergarten and is loving every second of it. One day he came home wanting to spell him name everywhere. I took that excitement and got out anything I could grab so he could practice making his name.

Your kids can practice with pretty much anything. All you need is a creative mind to get you there.

Beans, Beans, Beans!

What about using some dried beans? Use them to make your child's name and work on patterning at the same time!







Popsicle Sticks


Some other favorite ideas are:
#1 Use shaving cream to write your name in. Spread it on your table and let the kids go wild with writing!
#2Pipe Cleaner is fun to manipulate into letters.
#3 Your bodies! If you have a classroom of kids, have them use teamwork to make words.
#4 Magnetic letters are a "must have" in your home.
#5 Any kind of dried food like beans and popcorn kernels.
#6 Paper clips. You can link them together and make letters.
#7 Toy cars. Line them up into letters and park them as you make your name.

When your child is done making their name, why not read a book about names?

These two are my favorite. . .


After your child has mastered his or her name, guess what is next? Move onto names of people in your family.

Your child will find success in these activities and that success will fuel them as they continue to practice and learn in the classroom.

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