Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toy Story 3 Alien Cake Pops-Tutorial


My husband's only request for his birthday were cake pops. I decided since he works at Pixar, I had to come up with a Pixar themed cake pop. I decided to do some aliens since they looked the easiest and I could possibly be somewhat successful.

These are the materials that you need:
1. Cake mix/Tub of frosting- I usually buy the one that is on sale.
2. Candy Melts-I got mine at Joanns.
3. Sucker sticks- Also, bought at Joanns.
4. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds-Joanns again:)

5. Sour Sticks-Got them at the 99 cents store. Could also use the candy straws. I debated between the two but ended up with these because of color.
6. Cake Pop holder
7.Royal Icing for the eyes
8. Edible black ink pen

Once you have all the materials you are ready to go! I did these cake pops in one week by splitting up the steps by day. I don't like getting stressed out and when you have four kids, you never know how much time you will have to yourself to work on projects. Here is how I split it up:

Monday-Made the spaceship cake pop holder
Tuesday-Made the royal icing into eyes and let set in the refridgerator.
Wednesday-Made the cake. Let it cool , covered and set in fridge overnight.
Thursday- Crumbled the cake and made into cake balls. Put in fridge to cool. Dipped and decorated the rest.
Friday-Ben's Birthday! Delivered to Pixar.

Okay. . . let's break it down even more.

1. Bake the cake. Let it cool. I covered it and put it in the fridge overnight. You don't have to cool it that long.

2. Cut the cake into fourths. Crumble each section into large mixing bowl. Add 3/4th of the tub of frosting.

3. Roll the cake into balls. I used an icecream scooper to make the balls more unified in size. It also proportioned everything out really well. I got about 44 cake balls. Put them on a piece of wax paper and into the fridge to cool.


4. Now put the candy melts into a microwave safe bowl. I warm it up by increments of 30 seconds. Take it out after each time and stir.
*I have learned from past disasters that if you melt a spoonful or so of shortening, it makes the chocolate a thinner consistency which helps with clumping, gives a smoother look, and your cake ball is more likely to stay on the stick.

5. Take the cake balls out one at a time, keeping the others cool. Place on stick and dip into chocolate.


*I had several cake balls fall off the stick and I think it was because the cake ball itself wasn't more solid.

6. The eyes I put on next. Here is how I made them:


I made royal icing with 4 egg whites, 4 cups of powdered sugar and 1 tsp. of vanilla. I whipped the egg whites first and add the other two ingredients. I then used a ziplock bag and put some of the icing in the bag (which is very drippy). I cut a small hole in the corner and lined a pan with wax paper.

Drop icing onto the pan. After I made the white part of the eyes, I had some black gel that I dabbed into the middle. This was an experiment and worked out pretty well.

After days of setting, they were hardened (not as hard as I thought they would be). I gently took them off the wax paper and with the melted chocolate and a toothpick as my applicator, I used the chocolate as glue for the eyes.


7. Next are the ears. I used chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I picked out the green ones and used the melted chocolate for glue again (by the way, I nuked the chocolate a couple times when I noticed it getting harder, didn't affect the chocolate)


8. For the top of the head I used the sour sticks. I actually cut them in half because I thought they were too thick. Then I glued them with the melted chocolate and placed them on the top.


9. Making the mouth was the trickiest part. I rush ordered a black edible pen I found on Amazon. I got two for about 8.00.


**NOTE! These were horrible on the waxy chocolate surface. I could barely write with them. Since I was running out of time, I went online to see what other people had to say and they felt the same way. These pens do not write well on the candy melts surface.

"What did I do?" you ask?

I feel so brilliant when I chopped that pen apart and took out the ink tube in the middle. I squeezed the ink into a bowl and used a fine tip paint brush to paint on the mouths!

It turned out very easy to do and worked well.


10. The cake pop holder was fun to make as well. Remember this exterior installation?


Ben used it to make his tombstones out of and had some extra. I glued two pieces together and sculpted a dome for the space ship using a chisel. My oldest came up with the idea of using a clear bowl for the top. I put an alien inside the bowl to make it look like it was driving.

I used my cordless drill to drill holes in the foam.


I was so happy when everything turned out because many times they don't. I'm glad that I had something to show in the end.


Ben loved them and shared them with his team. They were impressed with the aliens that I think I have won the, "Most Awesome Pixar Wife" award!


Well, that's what Ben says anyways!


  1. You used a chisel? Wow. This is incredible. I'm so impressed that you figured out how to make those $4 edible pens work! Genius. That shortening trick is a good idea. I think I decided a deep bowl is best for melting the chocolate. I used a real short one and I couldn't even cover my cake pops in one dip!

  2. Totally the coolest pixar wife...hands down:) Such the coolest thing ever!