Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making a Halloween book with an Ad- Kids Project

I got an ad from the Party Warehouse with all sorts of costumes in it. Mia wanted to cut them apart and so I decided to make her a quick book.

Halloween Book

Materials: Newspaper Ad with costumes in it, scissors, glue, Halloween book

Skills: Sorting, Counting, Handwriting

How to make the book:
1. I just used a word document and typed questions on each page and maybe another activity to do such as counting or writing. From the example, you can tell that from each page I got 2 pages.

2. I made several different pages like: Which ones are scary?, Which ones are superheroes?, Which ones are animals?,

3. You can put extra activities like: How many are there?, Name the animals?, How many are black? etc.

Other ideas:

1. You could glue them onto cardstock and make square cards. Using the cards, you can sort by color or category. If you have two ads, you could make memory cards.

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