Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Felt Topiary


Where we live in California, it feels like we have 2 seasons. Summer and then something that feels like fall/spring time. I really can't complain. The weather is awesome here to say the least.

I was beginning to decorate for the spring and felt the need to craft!

This is an easy, yet time consuming project. Here is how you do it:


1. I bought a yard of felt and traced circles using an IKEA kid's cup.

2. Cut the circles out. When cutting, I cut before my line so you won't see the pen lines on the edges.

3. I used a 4 inch foam ball for the large one and 3 inch foam ball for the small one.

4. Fold the circle in half.


5. Then fold in half again.

6. Use a pin to connect the pointy part into the foam ball.

7. I alternated the direction of each one. Open side on one and then I flipped it for the next one.

8. I went down the center all the way around the foam ball. Then I started a second line underneath it.

9. I finished one half of it and then did the other half.

And that's, that!


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