Thursday, January 24, 2013

Piper Sneak Peak

   The PERFECT Family. . .

with the PERFECT little angel!

 photo lewis_zps0a98f2a6.jpg

 photo T87A9954blog_zps64e65f82.jpg

 photo lewis4_zps0b17e7c5.jpg

 photo T87A9694blog_zpse4a2e19b.jpg

 photo T87A0043blog_zps6321a1e3.jpg

 photo T87A9765blog_zps787e4b29.jpg

 photo lewis5_zps98f5297b.jpg

 photo lewis2_zps569e4f65.jpg

 photo lewis3_zps58c84706.jpg

(This one cracks me up!  I love the expression on her face.)

 photo T87A9638-2blog_zps4e44279d.jpg

Thank you for the PERFECT day!

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