Friday, March 15, 2013

Kai Sneak Peak

Oh my babies!

2013  is, "The Year of Babies!"

I'm not kidding, it just has to be.

Meet Kai. . .he's pretty much the cutest baby ever!

 photo T87A9852blog_zpsc2f6aa41.jpg

 photo perona2_zps7b4b4dd6.jpg

 photo perona3_zps34f89d1c.jpg

 photo perona1_zps138391dc.jpg

 photo T87A0387blog_zps3b6ab4ad.jpg

 photo T87A0333-blog_zpse64e981e.jpg

 photo T87A0308blog_zps73ff45e1.jpg

See?  I wasn't kidding about cute.  He's got plenty of that!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Hoppie Family Sneak Peak

 photo T87A0446blog_zps7eca857d.jpg

Meet the Hoppies. . .

 photo T87A0507blog_zps3dba0353.jpg

Meet the happy missionaries. . .

 photo Untitled-1blog_zps36507c8f.jpg

Meet the all happy family. . .

 photo Untitled-4blog_zpsbc2d8756.jpg

Meet the happy eternal family. . .

 photo Untitled-2blog_zpsba891d3f.jpg

Such a perfect day!

 photo Untitled-3blog_zps63a3f00e.jpg