Monday, June 10, 2013

Best Compliment EVER!

I received this message recently and it made my day. . .

"Hey Valerie, You know, you take the photographs, and then you sort of wonder what happened to them. Well, last night, I was sitting in the living room and noticed the book of photos you put together for Kate and Jacob's wedding, which event occurred over four years ago. I had a couple of minutes, and for the first time since we received the book that long ago, I looked at the pictures. And because the event was so long ago, I could look at the photos from a different, more detached perspective. And I was enthralled. They were great pictures--even apart from the event. So many years after the event, thank you for taking the photographs at Kate's wedding. We hope to call you again in the not to distant future to take photographs at our son's and his thus far non-existent future spouse." 

 photo larsenwedding_zpsc30f5dd6.jpg

This was my very first wedding that I did and it kinda got me started in the business.  I'm so grateful for the people throughout the years who have taken a chance on me and given me an opportunity to improve my craft.  I know how important moments are and that they will never happen the same way again.  A photograph can capture those moments so you can have them forever.

Over the years, I have been blessed with more opportunities and I feel like I have come a long way in improving my skills as well as finding my own style.  If I had to pick one type of photography to do solely right now, it would be wedding photography.  There is nothing that gives me such excitement as seeing the faces of a newly married couple.  They shine.  They are beautiful.  I love being that fly on the wall and snapping candid shots until my hearts content.  

I hope to be doing wedding photography for a very long time. . .

 photo wedding_zps7c55a4eb.jpg

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