Sunday, June 2, 2013

Davies Wedding

This is probably one of my most favorite weddings.  The sky was blue, the flowers were blooming, and the couple was adorable.

I think I could have taken pictures all day. . .

 photo T87A2549blog_zpsd85407ca.jpg

 photo lew_zpsa2009930.jpg

 photo T87A2528blog_zps6eb1a44d.jpg

 photo T87A2510blog_zpsb078f34b.jpg

 photo T87A2351blog_zps74aa9ffe.jpg

 photo lew2_zpsfc47f77b.jpg

 photo lew3_zps4b5539ae.jpg

 photo lew4_zps51e29b14.jpg

 photo lew5_zps6f8369a1.jpg

 photo lew6_zps4f8a200f.jpg

 photo lew7_zps01038044.jpg

 photo lew8_zpse72f5990.jpg

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