Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fourth of July Cake

Every year I get to make a Fourth of July birthday cake for my littlest one because her and America share a birthday.  I really have fun coming up with something fun. This year, I was Pinterest inspired.

 photo T87A4925blog_zps0923662e.jpg

One of these years, she is going to get sick of red, white and blue and demand something else. . .

 photo zoeysbday_zpsbddb3e64.jpg

Until then. . .I will enjoy doing things that are predictable.  Oh and I made that shirt too!

 photo T87A4813blog_zps5209ac94.jpg

I love this girl so much!  She is my bright sunshine.  

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  1. She's looking so old!! And that cake looks professional! Yum!