Thursday, March 12, 2015

Giant DIY Clock

I saw this design when I was on Amazon one day and I thought to myself, I'm going to make a giant size version of this.

Well I did and it was no easy feat since the wall I wanted it on was up on my double vaulted ceilings. Thank goodness for my awesome husband and his precise measurement talent!

I bought the biggest clock hands I could find which were about 17 3/4". I also had my vinyl custom made so I could make a huge clock. Since this clock was going up so high, I didn't want to use glass frames. I pictured having an earthquake, it happens, I live in California, and the frames falling and breaking on people. Not a pretty site even in my mind. So I used photo mount spray adhesive and foam board. I attached the pictures on the foam board first then we let it dry. After drying, we used an exacto knife and cut the pictures out. Then I hot glued a "claw" picture mounting device on the backside.
This is a great idea when you want to fill a giant space on your wall. And you get to personalize it with pictures of the ones you love!

This is the coolest clock that I've made and I've made others.  My husband is in the movie industry and I made this clock out of an old movie reel.